Studio Piano

My students have completed graduate piano performance degrees at institutions such as the Eastman School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, and the New England Conservatory, among others.

My principal goal as a teacher is to maximize each student’s development. I take great care to try to teach students how to teach themselves, because the luxury of having a private teacher doesn’t last the rest of your life! With help from the student, I try to devise a program that is specially suited to the person’s goals, whether those be teaching at a university, making a living as a performer, making a living as a piano teacher, or playing piano in a band and teaching classical music on the side (former students are doing all of these).

I maintain a restricted-access web page for my students, that contains materials on topics such as how to practice, performance problems and solutions, proper body use and healthy technique (drawing from Alexander, Taubman, Rolfing movement), piano literature, musical and concert etiquette, links, and other information. If you are off-campus and would like to visit this page, please so that I can send you the password.

Skype lessons are available!

“Impressive...a pianist and musician of refined sensibility. He performed with poise and a good amount of brilliance.”

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